Global Ascribes to the American Heart Association, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and USDA Smart Snacks in School Compliant Products Guidelines and Offers Gluten-Free, Organic and Kosher Options.

Healthy Options for Office Vending

Healthy, Organic, Better For You

We understand our responsibility as a food service provider to promote and encourage people to live active and healthy lives. By introducing our healthy vending, micro-market and fresh food programs, ours clients have a way to introduce or maintain a wellness program at their location. With so many different diets that people follow, we know people have many different ideas about what is healthy. Some follow a low carb diet, others are watching grams of fat, many count calories, and quite a few count their sugar grams. We have taken the initiative to address those concerns. Below are the healthy programs we offer. For an extensive list of products, please contact us.

Because no single program can meet all those needs, we have partnered with several wellness initiatives in the industry to offer the widest array of health options possible:

  • USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation
  • American Heart Association
  • Full Line of Organic, Lactose-free, Nut-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, And Kosher Products

Thorough Understanding of State and Federal Guidelines

Global Vending Service is your premier full service vending company, with the equipment and experience to serve the education sector. We recognize that students' health is an important concern for parents and school administrators. Our expertise of state and federal nutrition requirements, allows us to implement a vending program, customized to your specifications and is 100% healthy schools compliant.

We work enthusiastically with school districts' Wellness Policies to ensure that all beverages and snacks sold meet or exceed the minimum nutritional standards established by the USDA School Food Service Program.

Get More Details About USDA Smart Snacks in Schools

Alliance For A Healthier Generation

Students consume up to 50 percent of their day's worth of food at school, and Alliance For A Healthier Generation works to ensure that what students eat contributes to good health.

The guidelines for snacks say that such foods should follow a "35-10-35" format: no more than 35 percent of calories from total fat, no more than 10 percent from saturated fat, and no more than 35 percent sugar by weight. The guidelines also specify that the foods must be free of trans fats, which are linked to high cholesterol, and have no more than 230 milligrams of sodium per serving. Certain foods with other nutrients can be exceptions to those general guidelines, including fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, seeds, soups, and eggs.

Alliance For A Healthier Generation Option for Vending

Global Can Meet All Your Dietary Needs!

Vending machines have a bad reputation for stocking unhealthy, full of fat, sugar, and carb snacks. These foods will quickly force your energy level and mood to take a downward spiral, leaving you feeling tired and hungry for the rest of the day. Often, because of health and lifestyle choices, employees, students and clients find that their only snack options are bad ones. Not having a quick means for obtaining a pick-me-up snack during the day is frustrating.

We make healthy vending service easy and stress-free to get your healthy vending machine snacks. Our healthy snacks have no trans fats, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or colors. We also pride ourselves on making it easy to meet the various dietary needs of everyone who visits our vending machines. We offer not just natural and organic products, but lactose-free, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher products as well.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher Healthy Vending

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