High-End Modern Equipment. Better Data. Faster Service. More Reliable Delivery.

Technology driven to ensure our Florida customers get the very best services available.

We invest in technology because it allows us to provide customers with the latest, most meaningful services. Get the best vending machines with the latest advancements from cashless payment to wirelessly monitoring vending machines from our warehouse; we are well-equipped for today's demanding business needs.

Read below to explore how Global Vending Service has transformed refreshment through the extensive use of technology in all that we do!

Florida Vending High Tech

It Starts With...

01.Remote Monitoring

Our wireless remote monitoring system provides us 24/7, real-time, in-depth information about our vending machines. Through wireless data reporting, we receive up-to-the-minute overviews of sales, inventory levels, and malfunctions on our vending machines. This allows us to perform an in-depth analysis on each of our machines and locations which we then use to service our machines at the right time, provide our clients with the products they want most, and making sure to resolve problems before they become an issue. Remote Monitoring is one of the best vending machine technologies on the market because it keeps us up to date so you don't have to.

02.Automatic Alerts

With our automatic alert solution, we can monitor the condition of every vending machine at all times, so we know about problems before our customers do. Each machine has a remote data port installed which notifies us whenever a malfunction occurs. When a maintenance call is needed, the machine calls out to our network and contacts us so we can promptly expedite a technician to diagnose and correct the problem even before a customer calls to report it.

03.GPS Tracking

All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking devices. We know the location of our technicians throughout the day which allows us to respond to our clients' service needs in a timely fashion. With our GPS system, we have up-to-minute information on our technicians' activity such as service stops and variations in their routes. Our GPS devices help us service our customers with faster response times while improving our customer relations by providing our clients with in-depth information on arrival times and completion times for service calls.

...and Continues with State-of-the-Art Equipment

As technology progresses rapidly, consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to having an engaging and interactive experience with vending machines. Our vending solutions go beyond traditional vending machines with our innovative unattended micro-markets, interactive touchscreen vending machines, and interactive nutritional information designed to help consumers make choices based on their diets.


Vending's biggest problem has been solved - No more product jams! SureVend uses special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly.


Don't normally carry cash? Convenient payment on all vending machines from credit cards to mobile wallets.


Products can be visualized on the intuitive touch screen in several ways, enabling much stronger sales experiences than traditional vending.


Global provides full nutrition facts and allows consumers to search for products that meet their needs and tastes.

Modern Vending Machines Florida

Consumer marketing, promotions, and advertising are delivered to the consumer at the time of their purchase.


Our mobile app provides easy, automated communication with your customers via their smart phone. Customers can receive important information, report problems, request new products, and more.


We place only vending machines that have been built to meet Energy Star energy use standards.


All usability components of our vending machines (payment, selection, and delivery areas) are between 15" and 48" up from the floor.

Mobile Request App - Easy, Automated Service

Global Vending now offers a revolutionary, hassle free way to report repair, maintenance, or any service requests, using our Mobile Request Web-App!
Mobile Request Platform Vending App

The Global Vending web-based mobile app provides easy, automated communication with your customers via their smart phone. Customers can receive important information, report problems, request new products, and more. We then track and respond to those issues immediately.

Want to see COVID-19 healthy & safety precautions? Need a refund? Out of a favorite item? Want to provide feedback? We provide a simple, convenient way for customers to contact you without ever having to bother the facility manager or pick up the phone. Whether you to request a refund, report a machine problem, suggest new products for the machines, or simply provide feedback, you can do so in a matter of moments with your phone.

  • checkmarkFind the large sticker on the front of every machine and type the quick URL in your phone to bring up the web app.
  • checkmarkTap the CUSTOMER SERVICE button and select the type of service you require.
  • checkmarkWe will provide on-demand, fast response time to any issue, from a coin jam to a special product request. We can provide better, faster vending service, that will enhance your environment.
  • checkmarkNo more fielding issues or concerns about vending service. Employees communicate directly with the vending company, so you can focus on your core business.
  • checkmarkBuilding managers no longer have to deal with the day to day activities related to vending machines.

What This Technology Means To You

  • Our Machines Talk: Giving our vending machines a "voice", helps Global provide faster, more reliable services.
  • Our Machines Are NEVER Empty: Our telemetry system will alert us when product inventory levels need adjusting. We respond to inventory alerts immediately.
  • Our Machines Give Rewards: The customer rewards programs built into our state-of-the-art equipment helps attract consumers and ensure loyalty.
  • Our Machines Have Flexible Payment Options: Customers won't walk away if they carry large bills or don't carry ANY cash at all!
  • Our Machines Are ADA Compliant: If you need services in a school, university, hospital or government agency, you can accomodate any and all special needs.
  • Our Machines Can Help You Stay Healthy: Our interactive nutritional information tool is designed to help consumers make choices based on their diets.
  • Our Machines Won't Frustrate You: With Sure-Vend technology, you'll avoid tedious service calls, failed vends, and unhappy customers.

The way you experience refreshment will be transformed by GVS. No Contracts. No Cost to You. State Wide Vending Available. Call us today at 877.499.8363 (VEND) for your FREE trial.