Transform Your Office Kitchen From A Dull Space, To A Sleek & Chic Collaboration Spot Filled With A Huge Variety of Healthy & Yummy Snacks.

Florida Office Pantry Service

Florida Pantry Service

Imagine if your office pantry had a professional-grade espresso maker and a popcorn popper instead of a vending machine. Build a social, refreshing atmosphere in your break room that will attract and help retain today's talented employees.

If you are currently running to Big Box Stores to buy snacks and sodas for your employees to save some money, we have the solution for you. We can save you time and frustration with an affordable onsite cozy kitchen! Bottled water and grab-and-go fruits take center stage in clear refrigerators. Nuts and dried fruits are displayed in glass containers at eye level, so you see the good stuff before the Cheetos craving takes hold. With healthy options, and state-of-the-art coffee and specialty drink machines, Global has the know-how to make pantry service a reality.

We know the key to anyone's heart, is through their stomachs, and since everyone loves popcorn, it makes sense that free, unlimited snacks at work includes a POPCORN MACHINE! There is nothing we cannot bring to your collaboration space.

Completely Customized!

Whether you want to focus on health or accommodate the gluten- or sugar-free, we offer what you need. At Global Pantry Service, our experts will help create your in-office pantry AND keep it stocked at all times. Global provides your pantry with a bounty of healthy foods, quick snacks, and gourmet coffee in attractive display units for workers to access throughout the day... And it's all free to your employees. Global Pantry Service provides a fully stocked kitchen or breakroom at no cost to your team. Just pick your pantry items, and we'll make sure you've got everything you need to thrive.

Pantry Service in Florida

Transform Your Culture and Your Space.

An office pantry program is a valuable benefit your employees will use and enjoy every day. A customized office pantry service can greatly contribute to a positive company culture and morale. Global Pantry Service customizes the products we deliver to reflect your company's wishes. Depending on your preferences, that might include fresh fruit, fresh sandwiches, vegetarian selections, candy and cereal dispensers, and so much more. Keep your team motivated and healthier by offering them office pantry service from Florida's preferred pantry vendor!

Better Breakrooms lead to Better Companies

Refresh your Florida break room while offering more of the brand name products your employees value and trust.

Happier Employees
Increased Productivity
Decreased Stress
Creative Interactions
Higher Energy
Employees Onsite
Healthy Vending Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fresh Food Options

Go beyond the everyday snacks and beverages, by offering fresh food in your pantry. Enjoy salads, wraps, fruit, soups, sandwiches, burritos, burgers, muffins, baked goods and a variety of healthy items - made with fresh and natural ingredients. Your pantry can be stocked with 100% healthy and organic snacks. With our impressive selection of healthy snacks, and delicious food, Global Pantry Service offers an easy way for our clients eat smart, refuel, and refresh. Stay on point & focused all day long!

Healthy Vending Fort Lauderdale, FL

We can place SodaStream™ Professional in your pantry too! Change the way you drink water!

Get premium nano-filtered still and sparkling water in your Florida Pantry with the SodaStream™ Professional. SodaStream™ Professional offers classic flavors like strawberry, peach and lime, as well as exciting blends like orange grapefruit, lemon mint, and raspberry lime. All SodaStream Professional flavors are unsweetened.

Whether they're at home, work, or on-the-go, give your employees a way to make healthier and more sustainable choices throughout their day and achieve their personal hydration goals. SodaStream™ Professional offers a variety of great tasting unsweetened flavor, carbonation, and temperature options that can be customized for every pour.

Elevated Hydration

  • BONUS HYDRATION – Attract and maintain top talent with this premium break room perk. Offer a great-tasting alternative to bottled or tap water.
  • ACCESSIBLE HYDRATION – Employees can choose from various unsweetened flavors and carbonation levels to make the perfect drink.
  • SUSTAINABLE HYDRATION Protect the earth by eliminating plastic bottle water consumption. Employees can record drink preferences and track environmental impact with reusable bottle usage.
  • HEALTHY HYDRATION Help employees maintain healthy hydration habits.
The custom-built SodaStream Connect™ app automatically syncs with the dispenser to track users' water intake and allows them to set their own daily hydration goals. Additionally, it measures environmental impact with a count of plastic bottles saved with each pour, and remembers favorites and past drink customizations for future refills.

Pantry Advantages Over Traditional Vending

  • No vending machine hassles - No empty machines or "hung" products
  • Convenience: Pantries are open as long as your office is open!
  • Near limitless customizable selection - not just what will fit inside a machine
  • Virtually no service calls
  • You can touch and feel the food item and view the nutritional content
  • FREE to your employees
  • Reduces employee travel time/expenses for snacks or lunch
  • Coolers, snack baskets, and bins all provided at no cost to your company
  • Customized to fit your space and style
  • All products tracked for maximizing your budget
  • Fully stocked and maintenance free by our team
  • More than just a food service, Pantries are a powerful tool that allows businesses to support healthier lifestyles for their employees. By serving fresh, healthy food options in an open market style, Pantries are a true employee benefit and helps to encourage workplace wellness.
  • One of the most important objectives for any successful business is attracting and retaining the best people. In order to do this a company needs to consistently look for ways to improve their workplace culture through benefits, incentives and compensation. Free food has a powerful effect on office culture.

The way you experience refreshment will be transformed by GVS. No Contracts. No Cost to You. State Wide Vending Available. Call us today at 877.499.8363 (VEND) for your FREE trial.