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Experience The Perfect Fusion Of Mouthwatering Fresh Food, Snacks, Unparalleled Service, And Cutting-edge Technology With Our Micro Markets.

Discover a world of snacking options at our Global Micro Market! We take pride in offering an extensive selection of snacks, ranging from classic favorites like chips, cookies, and candy to healthier choices like trail mixes, nuts, and protein bars. Our dedicated product management team stays ahead of top trends to ensure you have an up-to-date and exciting mix of products that will please everyone on your team. Quench your thirst with our refreshing cold beverage options, including a variety of classic sodas and a range of healthier alternatives. We carry popular brands and regularly introduce new options, and we value customer feedback and requests for new products.

Custom Open Concept Self-Checkout Markets For Regional And Multi-Regional Businesses In Northern, Central And Southern Florida.

Introducing Global Markets, the fully managed micro market solution designed to enhance staff satisfaction in the workplace. Our innovative self-service micro markets, built and managed by Global Vending, revolutionize the way employees access food and beverages, providing a wide range of fresh food options with the convenience and accessibility of vending.

Our on-site convenience store is meticulously designed and built to your specifications by our expert staff. With a global market concept, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of shelving layouts, colors, and quantities of freezer types, ensuring that your Micro Market is set up exactly how you envision it. Our robust Micro Market network spans across the entire state of Florida, located within offices, universities, healthcare facilities, manufacturing sites, and various other high-traffic locations catering to communities with over 100 individuals.

Florida Micro Market Smart Vending

A Break Room You Will LOVE.

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Experience the perfect fusion of mouthwatering fresh food, snacks, unparalleled service, and cutting-edge technology with our Micro Markets.

As the leading unattended retail provider in the United States, we harness our design expertise, and the latest advancements in product and equipment innovations to deliver tailor made Micro Markets that redefine convenience and elevate the customer experience. Your new Global Markets awaits, from invigorating morning coffees, to a wide array of food and snacks, satisfying every craving. Global Vending has it all covered for your teams needs.
Florida Self Checkout Break Rooms

Watch below to explore how self-checkout breakrooms work!

Yes.It's That Easy.

Customers are quickly taking to this novel way of buying a quick snack or lunch...and with good reason! Self-checkout break rooms offer a much wider and healthier range of products than the traditional vending machines and accept convenient payment methods, such as a debit or credit card, or mobile phone.

Florida Micro-Market Breakrooms

Some Recent Micro Market Community Spaces Designed By Global

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Variety of Florida Vending Technology

Smart Vending

Smart vending machines are revolutionizing the way we access and enjoy snacks, beverages, and more. With the ability to accept payments through contactless methods, cards, Apple Pay, and more, these vending machines provide a convenient and hasslefree experience for customers.

The brilliance of smart vending machines extends beyond their payment capabilities. Equipped with innovative shelving technology, these machines allow you to stay updated on stock levels without any manual effort. You can effortlessly monitor inventory and ensure that popular items are always available to meet customer demand.

Moreover, smart vending machines are not limited to traditional locations. They can be deployed in remote areas, providing employees and customers with access to a range of fresh food and drinks, regardless of the location. This enhances the overall food and beverage experience, ensuring that everyone can enjoy quality products conveniently.

Innovative Food Delivery

By implementing our micro markets and smart fridge vending machines, workplaces can reduce the dependence on traditional cafeteria setups and provide a wider variety of food and beverage options. This not only caters to diverse tastes but also promotes convenience, allowing employees to enjoy a satisfying dining experience without leaving the premises.

Global Vending is at the forefront of innovation in the delivery of food and beverage services. Our micro markets and smart fridge vending machines offer flexibility, convenience, and a wide range of options, transforming the workplace dining experience for our clients and their employees.

Variety of Florida Vending Technology

A Subsidized Micro Market Can Boost Your Florida Office Morale

Making your workers feel appreciated for their efforts is fundamental. Showing your team that their job is important, enhances employee engagement. As a result, incorporating a subsidized micro-market is the ultimate thank you to your employees. Here are subsidy options that Global Vending can help you implement to show employee appreciation.

Account Credit

You can easily add money to your employee's accounts, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on what fits your company's needs.

Market Coupons

Provide a great way to reward employees with a free item out of the Micro Market (comes in all denominations).


Eliminating the cost of products for your employees is a great way to reward them, while remaining productive, and on-site during lunch.

Better Breakrooms lead to Better Companies

Refresh your Florida break room while offering more of the brand name products your employees value and trust.

Happier Employees
Increased Productivity
Decreased Stress
Creative Interactions
Higher Energy
Employees Onsite

Customer Feedback

We prioritize our clients and consistently strive to exceed their expectations by delivering top-notch service, unparalleled products, and equipment. As a result our clients share positive testimonials that reflect their appreciation.

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