Global Vending can transform your cold beverage vending experience!

Florida Cold Beverage Vending

We've got all the options from classic soda varieties to healthier bottled water alternatives. Offer an endless variety of cool, beverage refreshment in your workplace with a traditional beverage program from Global Vending. We carry all the popular brands and rotate in new options regularly.

Your location can get a mixed selection of beverages including carbonated, flavored waters, juices, etc. Customer requests for new products are welcome and encouraged.

  • Carbonated Sodas
  • Bottled Waters
  • Sparkling Waters
  • Assorted Juices
  • Sports Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Blended Fruit Drinks
  • Teas and Ready To Drink Coffees
  • Flavored Milks
Florida Cold Beverage Vending

Our Vending Machines Feature:

Global Vending's premier cold beverage vending machine line.

At Global Vending, we see vending as complimentary to your location's aesthetics and decor. We want our machines to enrich your environment and provide a practical service at the same time. Our machines have multiple product configurations and can be customized to match your place of business.

Cold Beverage Vending Machine

Modern Cold Beverage Vending Machines Florida


Merchant MEDIA Ambient offers more selections and flexibility for enhanced non-refrigerated, glass-front merchandising value. The MEDIA platform enhances the ambient snack machine and adds an interactive user interface that engages consumers with a 7" color screen and shopping cart capability, digital ad functionality, guaranteed product delivery and an out-of-the-box cashless option.

  • Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide configurations for a variety of product inventory
  • NAMA Health and Safety Control
  • Total Selection Range from 38-84
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • Customizable graphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth
  • Ready-to-go graphic design solutions for healthy vending
(Wide and Narrow Configurations)

Combo Drink/Snack Vending Machine

Combination Snack Beverage Vending Machines


Create a powerful automated retail store for combination snack and drink, and food vending with the award winning, glass-front Merchant MEDIA Combo. Take advantage of the innovative MEDIA platform that combines a rich user interface functional design that offers more selections and unparalleled merchandising. MEDIA's modern design attracts and engages consumers with custom graphics, touchscreen, screen messaging, shopping cart, integrated payment systems and digital advertising.

  • Temperature control ranges include to zone or entire cabinet refrigeration for flexible product retailing including cold drinks, dairy, fresh foods, snacks and more
  • Refrigeration Zone Barrier
  • Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide product configurations for a variety of product inventory
  • NAMA Health and Safety Control
  • SureVend technology reliably delivers product
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • Customizable graphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth
  • Ready-to-go graphic design solutions for healthy vending
(Wide and Narrow Configurations)

Pepsi Hello Goodness Vending Machine

Pepsi Hello Goodness Vending Machine


It's not enough to offer snacking-to-go. Consumers are looking for the kind of convenience that fits their desire for a healthier lifestyle. That means the trusted brands from PepsiCo they know and love. Hello Goodness gives them the snacks that leave them satisfied, presented in a clean, modern design that reflects how they live their lives today.

The Hello Goodness vending machine features a thoughtfully chosen selection of PepsiCo products such as such as Naked Juice, Smartfood Delight popcorn, Lay's Oven Baked potato chips, Quaker Real Medleys bars, Pure Leaf iced tea, Propel Electrolyte Water, Tropicana Pure Premium and Sabra Ready-to-Eat Hummus cups.

Innovative snack and beverage vending for one stop, better-for-you choices. Product offering includes but is not limited to the following options on some or most products: Low Calorie, Low-Fat, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Real Fruit, Whole Grains, Limits on Sodium.

The Hello Goodness vending machine also goes beyond traditional vending machines in the market and:

  • Features a digital point-of-sale touch screen with product nutritional information
  • Suggests food and beverage pairing ideas for different eating occasions throughout the day
  • Is smart equipment, giving PepsiCo real-time consumer preference insights to further inform future offerings
  • Contains dual climate-control shelving, allowing both perishable and non-perishable items to be easily vended together at the correct temperature
  • Allows for cashless and digital vending
(Combo and Beverage Only Configurations)

Coca Cola/Pepsi 700 Series

Coca Cola 700 Series Vending Machine


Get More with the new RVV 700 series beverage vending machines:

More Capacity • More Selections • More Features

With a clear product retainer for optimal product presentation with straight on package viewing optimizes brand marketing, and an illuminated delivery port for better product presentation - the RVV 700 series will catch everyone's attention!

It's also fast! 20% faster vend time than other glass front vendors leads to more sales and accommodates the "lunch hour rush"

  • Utilizes a "positive drive" vending system – the most reliable vend mechanism available
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant
  • Optical validation of product delivery
  • Cabinet design provides superior structural integrity for longevity
  • One piece refrigeration system can be replaced in 10 minutes – from the front!

Looking for a Complete Vending Breakroom Solution?

All of our machines can be paired or "banked" together, in any combination, to provide a custom refreshment solution for your needs.

Vending Machine Bank

Global Vending can provide any beverage machine configuration you can imagine.

Call us today for cold beverage vending machines throughout Florida filled with today's top drinks.

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